A premium gift to family, friends, as well as a corporate gift


All high nutritional value SYNOLO products in a wooden handmade luxurious box is now available. 

Gift box includes:
One SYNOLO premium extra virgin olive oil 500ml
One SYNOLO premium extra virgin olive oil 250ml
One SYNOLO Kalamata olives
One SYNOLO thyme honey
Two SYNOLO pasteli (Sesame bar with pure honey)

SYNOLO Extra Virgin Olive Oil

From selected mountain olive groves of Kyparissia in Pelopponese

SYNOLO Kalamata Olives

Individually handpicked from selected Greek olive groves.

SYNOLO Thyme Honey

Pure thyme honey from Mt. Taygetus, located in the southern region of the Pelopponese.

SYNOLO Sesame Bar

Traditional sesame bars made with pure Greek honey and sesame seeds.