The natural sweetener


 Hippocrates used honey as an excellent medicine to cure mental fatigue and exhaustion.  He  also used it to assist the digestive system and to heal many skin conditions.


  Bees are very selective and will only choose the most nutritious plants to feed and make their honey.

  The authentic pure SYNOLO Thyme Honey has excellent qualities, a unique flavour and a glorious aroma thanks to thyme, a delicate wild herb of Greece. 

It is 100% natural with numerous benefits for the human being.


  Pure thyme honey contains vitamins, carbohydrates, a mixture of sugars and 11 metal salts. It has high organic properties which act as a digestive stimulant and as an antibacterial agent.


Enjoy SYNOLO Thyme Honey daily as a natural sweetener or in beverages.


Available in 300g (10.58oz) glass jars. ISO 22000/2005

SYNOLO Extra Virgin Olive Oil

From selected mountain olive groves of Kyparissia in Pelopponese

SYNOLO Kalamata Olives

Individually handpicked from selected Greek olive groves.

SYNOLO Sesame Bar

Traditional sesame bars made with pure Greek honey and sesame seeds.


All high nutritional value SYNOLO products in a wooden handmade luxurious box is now available.