The sweet of nature


 Hippocrates respected and acknowledged the importance of both honey and sesame seeds.


  Sesame bars were an essential part of nutrition for Greek warriors, athletes and Olympians in ancient times.  Throughout the years and standing the test of time, sesame bars have always been considered a delicious dish, offering us energy in the most natural and delightful way.

   The unique quality and distinctive flavour make SYNOLO Sesame Bar irresistible. A traditional Greek snack/energy bar, chewy in texture, rich in nutrition and full of energy.
Sesame Bars are made from pure honey and sesame seeds.  It is of utmost importance to us that during production none of the goodness is lost, therefore making them an ideal source of natural energy.
  Sesame bars contain high biological vegetable protein, carbohydrates, fiber, metals, minerals, vitamin E and are also rich in amino acids. They do not contain sodium and their antioxidant properties detoxify our bodies. They activate our metabolism, give us energy and also help to lower cholesterol levels. They strengthen our immune system and help to fight diabetes. They are rich in unsaturated fats which help to protect the heart.


  The traditional SYNOLO Sesame Bar is the perfect snack for a small appetite in between meals or a tasty treat for kids, an alternative you can enjoy anywhere at anytime!


Available in 55g bars. ISO 22000/2005

SYNOLO Extra Virgin Olive Oil

From selected mountain olive groves of Kyparissia in Pelopponese

SYNOLO Kalamata Olives

Individually handpicked from selected Greek olive groves.

SYNOLO Thyme Honey

Pure thyme honey from Mt. Taygetus, located in the southern region of the Pelopponese.


All high nutritional value SYNOLO products in a wooden handmade luxurious box is now available.