“Olive Oil, the most delicate of all”


  Hippocrates considered olive oil to be the most valuable medicine, a medicine which helped prevent and treat numerous illnesses.

 Included in the Hippocratic Corpus are at least sixty different therapeutic uses of Olive Oil.


  SYNOLO Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a unique texture, taste and aroma with exceptionally low acidity levels.


  Its high quality and unique features are due to the particular Koroneiki variey of olive trees, which can be located in specific mountainous olive groves in the south-western region of the Pelopponese. We closely monitor the collection, transportation of our olives and the production of our olive oil so as to secure and ensure excellent quality. In addition the whole production process is performed by high standards machinery for olive oil extraction in cold press (temperature <<27°C) and bottling.

  This way we can assure you that SYNOLO Extra Virgin Olive Oil reaches your table with all its salutary ingredients.


  The SYNOLO Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an antioxidant which contains beneficial properties for the heart and circulation.  It possesses vitamins, trace elements and iron. When consumed raw nourishes and inspires you!

Ideal for daily consumption both in cooking and on salads.


Available in 250ml and 500ml dark coloured bottles. ΙSO 22000/2005


SYNOLO Kalamata Olives

Individually handpicked from selected Greek olive groves.

SYNOLO Thyme Honey

Pure thyme honey from Mt. Taygetus, located in the southern region of the Pelopponese.

SYNOLO Sesame Bar

Traditional sesame bars made with pure Greek honey and sesame seeds.


All high nutritional value SYNOLO products in a wooden handmade luxurious box is now available.